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Support Local, Eat Local



Support Local, Eat Local

Food trucks and street food vendors will line Auahi Street (between Coral and Keawe) serving up anything from popsicles to poke plates. Here’s who you’ll find on Saturday, April 16th:

  • Aloha Pops – gourmet popsicles with flavors like Cap’n Crunch
  • Bao Boys – “Hapa Bao” on special with kalua pig and limi tomato
  • Nosh Hawaii – Brazilian cheese bread, baked fresh and filled with savory or sweet fillings on the spot
  • Mega Load Burgers – instagram-worthy shrimp & pineapple fried rice and of course…burgers!
  • Petit Suisse Crepes – made-to-order crepes
  • Uahi Grill – food truck specializing in fresh seafood and gourmet dishes
  • Il Gelato – authentic italian gelato and affogato creations
  • Crazy Country Corn – fresh, roasted corn on the cob with your choice of DIY toppings
  • Flyin’ Ahi – food truck offering fresh fish dishes and poke plates
  • Wild Candy Bacon – BACON coated, dipped and sprinkled with your choice of flavors
  • Waimanalo Country Farms – farm fresh lemonade
  • Hula Shrimp – plate lunches for every taste
  • Juic’d Life – SALT vendor, serving up cold-pressed juices

Your Blueprint to #HNLnightmarket: MAMo



Your Blueprint to #HNLnightmarket: MAMo

NEW LOCATION: Salt | 685 Auahi Street


Our annual collaboration event with MAMo (Maoli Arts Month) happens on April 16th! Join us at #HNLnightmarket for local and Hawaiian artisans and retail vendors, your favorite #streetgrindz food trucks, music and more.

FOOD Vendors:

  1. Aloha Pops
  2. Bao Boys
  3. Nosh Hawaii
  4. Mega Load Burgers
  5. Petit Suisse Crepes
  6. Uahi Grill
  7. Il Gelato
  8. Crazy Country Corn
  9. Flyin’ Ahi
  10. Wild Candy Bacon
  11. Waimanalo Country Farms
  12. Hula Shrimp
  13. Juic’d Life

RETAIL Vendors:

  1. Nā Maka Kahiko
  2. Ohana Expressions
  3. Nā Lima Mili Hulu Noʻeau
  4. Lauwaʻe
  5. Motives Cosmetics
  6. Momi Greene
  7. Tara Gumapac
  8. Pupuka Co.
  9. Kūlua
  10. Kaiwi Kreations
  11. Mamalani
  12. Keala Designs
  13. Studio HAʻA
  14. Kaleimaeola Jewelry
  15. Sticks and Pōhaku
  16. Pāwehi Creations
  17. Keith Maile
  18. Pūlama Jewelry
  19. Hina
  20. Kahulaleʻa
  21. Kāne Clothing Co.
  22. Brook Parker
  23. Wahine Toa Designs
  24. Noho Designs
  25. PAʻI Foundation
  26. ella4art
  27. Lahaʻole Designs
  28. Wehiwa
  29. Joseph Yoshida
  30. IwaWhy
  31. Rebekah Luke
  32. Lomilomi

8pm Fashion Show by: MAMo

Featured designs from:
Keala Designs
Pupuka Co.
Anna Kahalekulu
Wahine Toa