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#HNLnightmarket HOME – Street Performers



#HNLnightmarket HOME – Street Performers

We mentioned three stages of entertainment, but there will also be roaming performances on the streets of Kaka’ako for the crowd to enjoy! Find these awesome acts around the block party…and take a photo (or two) with them.

Honolulu Night Market Street Acts:

  • The Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe (acrobatics)
  • Lealyn Poponi (Stilt Walking)
  • Sage Bee (Stilt and Juggling)
  • Monkey Leroy (LED Juggling)

Performance Schedule:

  • 6pm: Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe
  • 6:30pm: Lealyn Poponi
  • 8:30pm: Sage Bee
  • 9pm: Monkey Leroy

#HNLnightmarket HOME – Retail Lineup



#HNLnightmarket HOME – Retail Lineup

With our biggest block party to date, you’ll be able to shop all in not one but four retail areas! Over 30 local retailers will be showcasing summer specials and offering blow out sales, so be sure to stop by and browse the collections of all the vendors below.

You’ll also be able to shop the looks from the Fashion Show courtesy of S.I.E. Swim and Ki’ele.

Breezeway Retail Area

  1. Aloha Apothecary
  2. a.wattz dezigns
  3. Greenroom Hawaii
  4. Vermilli
  5. Vixin Jewelry
  6. Izzy and Luke
  7. Kulia Clothing
  8. Pure Joy Hawaii
  9. VH07V
  11. Oceans End Hawaii
  12. San Lorenzo
  13. HVN Apparel
  14. Stephanie Boinay Art
  15. Jana Lam
  16. Katrina Cordova Designs
  17. Sticks + Pohaku
  18. Yireh
  19. Aim HI Everyday
  20. Culture Club
  21. Sandy Feet Hawaii

Level 2 Retail Area

  1. Avant Ppo-HI
  2. 11Squid
  3. 19th & Whimsy
  4. 18/8 Fine Men’s Salons
  5. Beachcomber Design Hawaii
  6. Mauka Man Brand Co.
  7. Blue Room Collective

Harry’s Alley Retail Area

  1. Love me Knots
  2. Auds & Ends

Courtyard Underpass Retail Area

  1. Sandy Feet Hawaii
  2. Issa de  Mar

#HNLnightmarket HOME – Food Lineup



#HNLnightmarket HOME – Food Lineup

Our biggest lineup of vendors will be at Honolulu Night Market on 6/17! That means, it’s your chance to try all the awesome street grindz you’ve  been waiting for. Check out the lineup below, and come ready to EAT 🙂


  1. Bao Tao’n
  2. Beyond Burgers
  3. C&K Lumpia
  4. Donnie’s BBQ
  5. El Chamo
  6. Flavors of the World
  7. Grinds 2 Da Max
  8. Hawaiian Fresh Farms
  9. Hawaiian Waffle Dog
  10. Hula Shrimp Co.
  11. Istanbul
  12. Koi
  13. Local Stop
  14. Mimi’s Place
  15. No Ka Oi
  16. Nosh
  17. Olay’s Thai Food
  18. Pop Pop Donuts
  19. Sweet Revenge
  20. The Pig and The Lady
  21. Uncle Lani’s Poi Mochi
  22. Uncle’s Kitchen
  23. Waimanalo Country Farms

#HNLnightmarket HOME – Stage Line-up



#HNLnightmarket HOME – Stage Line-up

Celebrating the homecoming of Hōkūleʻa, our event this month will be our first event with 3 stages! From a movie screening to live music, you’ll be able to enjoy live entertainment from all areas of the block  party.

Ala Moana Blvd. stage

5:00 – 6:30PM             Kapena

6:30 – 7:00PM             Artist recognition: Kamea Hadar

7:00 – 8:00PM             Waipuna

8:30 – 10:00PM           Kupaoa

Auahi St. stage

5:00PM-6:00PM         Honoka & Azita w/ Heart and Soul

6:00PM-7:00PM         Taimane

7:00PM-8:00PM         Kimie Miner

8:00PM-8:30PM         Fashion Show by Rance China (featuring Ki’ele & S.I.E Swimwear)

8:30PM-10PM            DJ Mermaid mixing old Hawaii music in with new beats

Salt at Kaka’ako stage

6:45PM-7:00PM         Emcee Introduction

7:00PM-7:20PM         Hōkūleʻa Video (sharing highlights from the voyage)

7:20PM-7:30PM         Hōkūleʻa Q&A

7:30PM-8PM              Kamehameha Schools Educational Event

8:00PM-10PM            Disney’s Moana Movie Screening

#HNLnightmarket x #PowWowHawaii 2017



#HNLnightmarket x #PowWowHawaii 2017

It’s back…our annual collaboration event with Pow! Wow! Hawaii! 

We’re kicking off the week-long festival with our block party featuring a night full of music, art, fashion and food in the heart of Kaka’ako. Honolulu Night Market is back on the Cooke Street block on Saturday, February 11th.



  • VH07H
  • Lauren Roth
  • hiDose
  • Culture Club
  • Red Label Clothing
  • Diamond Head Clothing
  • Avant Pop-Hi
  • The Greenroom Hawaii
  • HVN Apparel
  • Yireh
  • Rob Branson Art
  • Jana Lam
  • Dolkii
  • The Pi Collection
  • Trades Hawaii
  • The Parlor (Saloon)
  • Matt Bruening
  • Salt Liko
  • a.wattz dezigns
  • Issa de Mar
  • The Happy Haku
  • Courage to be Kind
  • Moxy Boutique
  • Katrina Cardova


  • Elena’s Filipino
  • Funhouse Funnel Cake
  • Flavors of the World
  • Wow Wow Lemonade
  • Otsuji Farms
  • Big Texan BBQ
  • Hawaii’s Fried Musubi
  • Crazy Country Corn
  • Bao Boys
  • Chubbie’s Burgers
  • Nosh
  • La Roux
  • Franky Fresh
  • Indian Grill



Music by DJ Cipha Sounds

Iona’s Paint by Number – dance exhibit

…and more!


For more info on Pow! Wow! Hawaii click here.

Pinch of Salt for the Holidays – Sunday, 12/4



Pinch of Salt for the Holidays – Sunday, 12/4

Get a jump on holiday shopping at SALT in our Kaka’ako. “Pinch of Salt”, our annual holiday market will be one of the largest this year featuring over 40 local vendors. Happening on Sunday, December 4th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, you will be able to enjoy music from popular band, Foreseeable Futures as they browse handmade gifts for family, friends, coworkers, and yourselves!



1. House of Aria
2. Bikini Bird
3. Topia
4. bychari
5. Workshop 28
6. Gillia
7. Modern Earth
8. Kainani Swimwear
9. Jolyn Hawaii
10. Oopsy Daze
11. Ki’ele
12. Cards by Hontas
13. Issa de Mar
14. Alinea Jewelry
15. M33Ms Designs
16. Nico Made
17. Samudra
18. Formidably Impressed
19. Izzy and Luke
20. Jana Lam
21. Indigo Elixirs
22. Makana Wong Pottery
23. Shop Toast
24. Avant Pop-HI
25. Momo Terrascapes
26. The Conscious Sea
27. Aloha Apothecary
28. Filthy Farmgirl
29. Rice Love
30. Pia + Michio
31. Me Hawaii
32. Andy South
33. Awattz Dezigns
34. Lauren Roth Art
35. Salty Girl Jewelry
36. the pi collection
37. Yireh
38. The Public Pet
39. Wimini
40. Tidepool Love
41. Acrew Apparel

#HNLnightmarket October Food Roundup



#HNLnightmarket October Food Roundup

Find baos, biscuits, burgers and more at this month’s Honolulu Night Market!

Street Grindz food vendors:

  • Mega Load Burger
  • Hawaiian Waffle Dog
  • Sea and Soul
  • Ulu’s Lemonade
  • Da Bolalohan and Grill
  • Istanbul
  • Bao Tao’n
  • Uncle’s Kitchen
  • La Roux
  • Biscuit and Bacon  
  • Musukawas 
  • Koi Catering
  • Funhouse Funnel Cakes

It’s the last #HNLnightmarket of 2016!



It’s the last #HNLnightmarket of 2016!

Yes, you heard us right, we’re changing up our schedule for the rest of the year! Honolulu Night Market will now happen every couple of months and be bigger (with more vendors) and better (lots of new surprises) than our monthly event. October 15th will be our last one of 2016, so don’t miss out!

We will return February 2017 for our annual Pow Wow Hawaii x #HNLnightmarket collaboration event!

October flyer



Your Blueprint to #HNLnightmarket: Obake



Your Blueprint to #HNLnightmarket: Obake

We’re back and better than ever! Join us on Saturday, October 15th for the block party you’ve come to love. Lots of local shopping, ono street grindz and more!

LOCATION: Salt | 685 Auahi Street

Friendly reminder: It’s our last event of 2016, we’ll be back for our annual collaboration with Pow Wow Hawaii in February 2017! 

FOOD Vendors:

  1. Mega Load Burger
  2. Hawaiian Waffle Dog
  3. Sea and Soul
  4. Ulu’s Lemonade
  5. Da Bolalohan and Grill
  6. Istanbul
  7. Bao Tao’n
  8. Uncle’s Kitchen
  9. La Roux
  10. Biscuit and Bacon  
  11. Musukawas 
  12. Koi Catering
  13. Funhouse Funnel Cakes

RETAIL Vendors:

  1. Red Pineapple
  2. Kira Hawaii
  3. Misha Lam
  4. Jana Lam
  5. Wimini Hawaii
  6. Emi Ink
  7. Love and Monsters Hawaii
  8. Echo & Atlas
  9. Kini Zamora
  10. The Conscious Sea
  11. Lindsey Higa of Pineapple Ice
  12. Indigo Elixirs
  13. The Pi Collection
  14. Loli’i Swimwear
  15. HVN Apparel
  16. Oceans End Hawaii
  17. Love Me Knots
  18. Reise Kochi


“Bust and Décolleté” by Reise Kochi

This month’s show will feature the stylist’s leather harnesses along with apparel from local designers like Matt Bruening, Virgina Paresa, Rumi Murikami, and M33M’s jewelry.

october fashion show

*Our monthly event is always FREE and pet-friendly. Parking can be found in the SALT parking lot and surrounding area streets.

Save the Date: #HNLnightmarket Returns October 2016



Save the Date: #HNLnightmarket Returns October 2016

Aloha Friends! Honolulu Night Market is taking a little break…

**there will be no Honolulu Night Market in August or September**
Our monthly event will return in October.  As the Our Kaka’ako neighborhood continues to evolve we want to make sure we continue to work through the ebbs and flows.
Stay tuned as we are really excited about October’s events and will have details soon. We will be posting updates and details on social media by the end of September…so be sure to follow us there!

Instagram: @HNLnightmarket