Freak’n Genius @ the Honolulu Night Market



Freak’n Genius @ the Honolulu Night Market

The intention of Freak’n Genius has been to become a living and breathing example of crafting that interactive brand and story from day 1. Since our beginnings at Startup Weekend, going through both SW Next and the Microsoft Kinect Accelerator, to all of our customer development, iterative product cycles, and just being present in the real world, we thrive on participation, collaboration and communication. Not only is our culture and the story we’re living and creating on a daily basis a reflection of Stanley’s “We Are the Stories We Tell” philosophy, but our product is a tool that enables creativity and storytelling in a way that isn’t really possible today. It is our belief that if ideas can come to life as quickly, simply and as naturally as it is to just be you, we will see an insurgence of impactful ideas being realized and shared from every day people that would otherwise let their idea suffocate and wither away.

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